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A Brief Description of Our Armed Security Guard Services 


TEXAS BIZ NAME provides all of our clients with fully certified, licensed and insured security guards. Every one of our security professionals has been screed to the highest standard and meets all state regulations and qualifications. 

  • TEXAS BIZ NAME’s pre-employment screening easily surpasses that of the majority of private security firms. All of our employees must successfully complete an exhaustive battery of aptitude tests, a 5-panel drug screening, as well as extensive training in security defensive tactics and criminal law. Before any security service contract is signed we will provide our clients with a copy of the full applicant investigation results of each proposed security guard.
  • TEXAS BIZ NAME provides experienced supervisory personnel to ensure strict adherence our general orders, as well as the client’s individual rules, regulations and applicable ordinances. Supervisors make regular spot checks with on-duty security officers to prevent an issues of complacency in the field. At TEXAS BIZ NAME we believe that providing the best quality security service starts with keeping a close relationship with our personnel, both on and off duty.

    Our supervisors act as a direct liaison between TEXAS BIZ NAME central, our office in the field, and our valued clients. Supervisory personnel available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for the safety and convenience of our clients.

  • At TEXAS BIZ NAME all of our security officers are equipped with two-way radios (or the equivalent) to ensure constant communication with supervisors and management.
  • All of TEXAS BIZ NAME’s security personnel are required to act according to the company’s strict professional standards to deliver exceptional security response combined with excellent customer service.

TEXAS BIZ NAME takes a unique approach to contract security. Where other private security firms are content to rely on minimal screening and training of prospective employees, at TEXAS BIZ NAME we strive to hire only the best and the brightest. Our security officers represent the best in their field, with many of our employees coming to us as veterans of the US Armed Forces. 

To achieve our goal of providing our clients with the most effective and trustworthy private security officers we put our applicants through a lengthy, and thorough, vetting and training process. What follows is a brief overview of the TEXAS BIZ NAME Security Guard Project: 

Applicant Screening

The quality of our security service begins long before you meet any of our security guards. At TEXAS BIZ NAME our client’s safety and security comes first, so all applicants for employment must pass through a rigorous screening process including a thorough background check and a 5-panel drug screening assessment. 


TEXAS BIZ NAME’s training programs far exceed those of our competitors. Our highly experienced management team passes on their knowledge to our new employees. In addition to all of the state mandated certification courses, TEXAS BIZ NAME personnel must also complete the following: 

  • 24 hours of Defensive Tactics Training
  • 24 hours of Patrol Techniques and Criminal Law Classes
  • 10 hours of Anti-Terrorism Classes
  • 16 hours of Customer Service Instruction


Uniformed security officers employed by TEXAS BIZ NAME are trained to act as criminal deterrents. Their training is based on the methodology developed by the CPOP (Community Police Officer Program). Our guards are encouraged to be friendly, respectful and approachable to our security client’s patrons, residents and employees. By encouraging good relations with the public our officers are able to generate a feeling of community and safety. 


At TEXAS BIZ NAME our security guards are trained to conduct visible foot patrols throughout their assigned posts in undetermined patterns. This patrolling method ensures a more thorough and effective review of the client’s property. Our officers are also trained to routinely interact with our client’s patrons and employees in addition to silently manning a fixed position. 


TEXAS BIZ NAME conducts all security operations according to the theory of “Enforcement through Reinforcement”. With more than thirty years of combined experience in security and law enforcement, our management has learned that the prevention of crime can be better accomplished by utilizing an informed tactical approach as opposed to the more traditionally accusatory methods of our predecessors. Our officers are trained in the art of “verbal judo”, allowing them to more effectively deescalate potentially volatile situations. 

Uniforms and Appearance 

At TEXAS BIZ NAME we understand that our on-duty security officers are not only representing our agency, but also our clients and their facilities. To that end we maintain high standards when it comes to the appearance of our on-duty personnel. 

Our armed and unarmed security guards are outfitted with police-style uniforms. Per corporate general orders, all personnel are required to keep their uniforms clean and pressed at all times. Shoes must be kept polished, and military-style haircuts are standard for all personnel. Male officers are required to be clean-shaven while on duty.


At TEXAS BIZ NAME we maintain insurance according to the specified guidelines of the Texas Department of Public Safety. In order to protect our assets as well as those of our clients, our legal counsel has structured the firm’s financial security to a level that far exceeds that of industry standards.