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Texas Mobile Patrol Services 

Mobile Patrol Services provide office and retail property owners with an effective and cost efficient method of monitoring their facilities after regular business hours. Random visits conducted throughout the night by well-marked security vehicles have been proven to effectively deter property loss and/or damage. Moreover, regular mobile security patrolling can often lead to a 15% – 20% reduction in insurance costs for business owners. 

Overview of Mobile Services 

At TEXAS BIZ NAME our mission is to provide our clients with a mobile patrol service that is unprecedented in its level of customer service, creative solutions and use of state-of-the-art technology. 

Clearly marked, highly visible, patrol vehicles will visit the client’s property at a predetermined number of times throughout the assessment. Our patrol officers will physically check on all accessible gates and doors, as well as any parking and garage areas to ensure that the property remains secure and to deter the trespassing of any unauthorized individuals. 

Clients will receive daily activity and incident reports. These will clearly communicate the officer’s observations of the property, and can be used to provide important documentation in the case of any lawsuits. The client’s daily report will be customized to reflect the specific needs of the property according to the customer’s preferences. Detailed electronic reports will be generated daily and emailed to the client to notify them of an unusual activities, incidents or maintenance issues that are found by the patrolling officers. 

Verification of Patrol Visits 

Accountability and verification are two of the biggest concerns in the private security industry. At TEXAS BIZ NAME we utilize a high tech reporting system that tracks our assigned officer’s patrols. Officers are required to photograph their assigned properties as they complete their patrols. This information is updated in real time and posted on a designated website which can be accessed by the client at any time. In this way clients can monitor and verify the officer’s patrol and review the officer’s daily reports. 

Management and Supervision 

Every morning officer’s reports will be reviewed by TEXAS BIZ NAME management, and customers will be notified by phone or by email of any incidents or unusual activity. Regular reviewing of daily incident reports allows us to be more proactive in recommending effective solutions to any recurring problems the client may be encountering.