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Special Event Security Services 

When people attend any public event where a large crowd is anticipated they not only expect to enjoy themselves they also expect to be safe and secure. Unfortunately, we live in a world where violent incidents have become all too commonplace. Now, more than ever before in our history, it is important to have security services in place to handle any potentially violent or volatile situations. For event organizers handling concerts, festivals and sporting events security has become one of the key focuses of their planning strategies. 

Party planners and event organizers in Texas are increasingly turning to TEXAS BIZ NAME to help secure their public events. We offer a variety of security services that can be tailored to fit almost any event, and we work closely with all of our clients to provide a customized security plan that maintains the highest level of safety while still allowing guests of the event to relax and enjoy the experience. We are proud to say that TEXAS BIZ NAME has become the private security firm Texas event planners trust with their safety and safety of their guests. 

Events of Any Size 

Too often people assume that security is only an issue for large scale events where thousands of people are expected to be in attendance. However, that’s not the case. Events of all sizes benefit from having a licensed and certified security staff on hand. In fact, some smaller events are almost impossible to stage successfully without a security presence. 

At TEXAS BIZ NAME we understand that no event is too small to deserve top flight security. Whether it’s a local celebrity making a personal appearance or a regional business seminar are experienced security professionals are ready to take on the job. Of course, TEXAS BIZ NAME also have the in-house capabilities to handle larger events as well, and our security staff can easily be deployed at larger events and more expansive venues. 

Many of our security personnel have previous experience in the military and with law enforcement, giving our guards the important skill set they need to successful secure any sized event. Regardless of the type of event you are staging, having a TEXAS BIZ NAME security force on hand will make your event safer and more secure so the attendees can relax and enjoy themselves. 

Standard Security Services 

Regardless of the event you are planning, there are a number of security measures that need to be in place to adequately ensure everyone’s safety. Remember, it only takes one unauthorized individual or one uninspected bag to turn a fun and exciting event into a tragedy. 

Some of the most important services we offer include: 

  • Crowd Control
  • Media Control
  • Access Control
  • Bag Searches

At TEXAS BIZ NAME we take these security measures very seriously, regardless of the size of the event or the venue. We work closely with event organizers to coordinate security strategies, assessing the venue and expected crowd to determine how best to deploy and execute our security services. When our security staff is in place and on duty you can rest assured no unauthorized people or packages will make their way into your event. 

Special Security Services 

In addition to our basic security services TEXAS BIZ NAME are able to offer many other specialized services for your event. For example, when securing public events we often rely on off-duty Police officers from the Houston Police Department to help ensure that our clients have the best trained and most experienced security personnel possible for their event. We also provide K-9 patrols where needed, which is particularly effective for large scale events where crowd control could be an issue. It is not unusual for large scale events to play host to one or more celebrities or VIPs, and TEXAS BIZ NAME is skilled at providing Close Protection Services for those guests as well. 

First Aid Personnel 

One of the things that many event planners often fail to consider is the unexpected, but almost inevitable, emergency medical situations which can arise. This is why TEXAS BIZ NAME also offers first aid personnel for larger events. By having first aid personnel on hand, in addition to our licensed security staff, event organizers can rest assured that their guests and attendees will be protected in the event of most any situation. 

Full Service Event Options 

In addition to security and first aid personnel, TEXAS BIZ NAME also offers equipment, transportation, supplies and limousine rentals for event planners in need. In this way we can provide the full service security options your event deserves and helping to ensure that your event, whatever the size or venue, is a fun and exciting experience for everyone involved. 

Contact Us Today 

Organizing any event, regardless of size or venue, requires a tremendous amount of time and effort. When it comes time to plan your next event let Ranger Guard & Investigations worry about security while you concentrate on staging a memorable gathering for your guests and attendees. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation and to discuss the security demands of your upcoming event. With TEXAS BIZ NAME on the job you be assured your security and safety concerns will be handled with the utmost professionalism and confidentiality.